From the Principals



 Mrs. Wambui T. Karanja


If you are not in Kiburia Girls (soon to be st. Bakhita Kiburia Girls) then you are missing out.
If you are in Kiburia Girls then you are indeed very lucky and you are the envy of many.
There are a million reasons why Kiburia Girls is the school to be in whether as a student, a parent, a teacher, non-teaching staff, BOM, PTA or a friend. For now I will give you the most significant reasons why we believe in, and love our school.
1. Our school is a school that knows where it is going. We have a five year strategic plan that was launched on 25th May 2013. In it we are focusing on performance, infrastructure and staff development. Our monitoring shows that in the first one year we have made great strides because we have put in place strategies that work.
2. Members of the school community know what the school is about. Our mission is to provide quality, holistic education for self and community development. Our vision is to become a center of achievement while our motto is achievement though effort. We have core values that are meaningful; Reverential fear of God, integrity, hard work, patience, respect, humility, team spirit, charity, self-discipline and continuous improvement.
Our school song harmoniously mixes the vision, mission and motto to make a beautiful piece which all of us sing with pride.
3. Our institution’s members are highly disciplined. Our students are the ones with the highest level of discipline in Kirirnyaga County. We know that discipline is key to success- no wonder we are succeeding all round.
4. We believe in holistic formation of our students. We focus on their intellectual, spiritual, physical and psychological growth.
5. Our school offers a wide range of curriculum; to the regular subjects add music, Home science, Business studies and Computer studies.
6. The schools performance is on an upward trend. (checkout the deans report)
7. Our school has all the resources needed to form a student holistically- Labs, library, books (ratio of 2:1/1:1), 38 teachers, water, electricity(stand by generator), computer lab, 16 classes, biggest hall in Abadare region, field, farm etc.
8. Our school has the best leadership; we practice democracy; involvement of all stakeholders in decision making. Our leadership is transformational, innovative (dynamic) and strategic. We learn from our mistakes and we do not fear challenges. We have experienced continuous improvement because of courageously experimenting. Our teachers are the best. Our non-teaching staff is the best. Our BOM and PTA are in a class of their own. Our prefects are well trained and are great leaders. Our principal is the best principal Catholic Diocese of Muran’ga 2013. Need we belabor the point?
9. We are a 21t century school. Our ICT department is growing in leaps and bounds. Computer studies are offered to all forms 1 and 2 (compulsory) for literacy skills. Our teachers are all computer literate. Our office support staff is also IT compliant. Technophobia is known here. We have a total of 25 working computers in the school and a projector.
10. We believe in ourselves. We are the best all round. Kiburia Girl is the school not just a school. Watch this space.
Long ive St. Bakhita Kiburia Girls.
Our greatest hope is the LORD our God who this far has sustained us.

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