From the Principals


The school is a girls’ Extra-County school.  It has four streams and a capacity of 720 girls.  It is a Government institution offering the 8-4-4- curriculum. 

The school is Catholic sponsored under the Catholic Diocese of Murang’a and strong Catholic traditions are followed and respected. While all other Faiths are respected too, all those who join the school are expected to attend and participate fully in the Catholic Mass and follow all other Catholic traditions. Only the school uniform provided by the school will be worn; faith dictated extras are not allowed. 

We are located in Kirinyaga County, Kirinyaga East sub-county, Gichugu Central Division, Gichugu Constituency.  The local town is Kianyaga which is also the Kirinyaga East sub-county Headquarters. The school is 500 meters from the town centre. Electricity is from the KPLC mains and there is also a stand-by generator. Water is in plenty from the school’s own intake.

 Only those prepared to work very hard and go to university after form four should come to this school.

Only those prepared to stay for the four years should report.  

The school’s motto      : Achievement through effort

The school’s vision      : A centre of achievement

The school’s Mission   : To provide Holistic Quality Education for self and community development 

The school’s core values: Reverential fear of God, integrity, humility, team spirit, hard work, self discipline, respect, charity, continuous improvement, and patience

 Virtues such as, optimism, modesty, obedience, moderation, simplicity, and understanding are expected of every girl in St. Bakhita Kiburia. Indiscipline of any kind will not be tolerated

Welcome to St. Bakhita Kiburia girls and congratulations.


 Mrs. A.N. Mwangi





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Our School Anthem and Core Values

KIBURIA MWANGAZA NYOTA YA WOTE 1. Twaitwa Kiburians, twasimamawima,Twakaza twasali, nasi twafaulu:Nidhamu twaweka, elimu twapataUmoja wetu …

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