The K.S.E.F (formally Kenya Science Congress) is a co curriculum activity like games, drama and music. It is an annual event that brings students together and allows them to showcase their scientific innovations and inventions based on the scientific ideas drawn from the content learnt in the normal classroom situation.

Learners are expected to initiate, develop and implement the ideas in form of project work with the assistance from their teachers and colleague students and any other relevant stakeholder(s) directly or indirectly involved in the basic ideas, such as welders, electricians, doctors and agronomists for their professional assistance and guidance.

Powered by their interest as well as intellect and engineered by the motivation from the school administration, students have shown light to many other schools in the sub-county, county, region and the entire nation as far as interpretation of scientific ideas is concerned.

St. Bakhita has over the years been identified with its prowess in nurturing young engineering talents courtesy of their very active science club and the ever present science club patron, Mr. Mwangi.

The event always begins at school level with very competitive and motivating Inter-house competitions before proceeding for the Inter-school competitions and other higher levels.

Below are some of the many achievements the school has made in the Kenya science and engineering fair for over the years through effort as the school motto reads.

YEAR                         EDITION                 HIGHEST LEVEL ATTAINED                 students

              2009                          47th                                        National

               2010                         48th                                        Provincial

               2011                         49th                                        Provincial

               2012                         50th                                        National


 YEAR             EDITION                  HIGHEST LEVELATTAINED                 

2013                           51st                                          Regional

             2014                            52nd                                      Regional

              2015                           53rd                                       National                            

              2016                           54th                                       Regional                           

              2017                            55th                                     Regional                    

Acknowledgement goes to the school administration under the patronship of our very understanding principal Mrs. Mwangi, for the ever spiraling and enormous support accorded to the science club and all the participants of the Kenya science and engineering fair.  We look forward to achieving greater heights including taking part in the international fair, at South Africa and beyond.

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